Monday, February 29, 2016

Six Months!

Dear Mom, 

This is the week, I will be one-fourth done with my mission. It is insane!  We got a lot done this week. I'm starting to meet different types of investigators, both super interested and very hard to work with. For example, we have this one girl who had a certain problem a few years ago and because of that she need to have a special interview, but she won't do it. She still has a desire to be baptized, but she won't take the step to do it. We are praying very hard for her.  

But it balances out.  Yesterday we went and met with one of our member's brother. He had a very nice house, even by American standards, and a huge pet dog. This thing was almost as big as me!  We were introducing ourselves and I said I was the oldest of 5 children. The member then told us that his brother is the oldest of of 17! So, yeah.  But the man has a very strong attitude towards us teaching him the gospel.  He says that if it's God, he will follow. So that was a motivational boost right there.

Thank you so much for sending a wifi camera. All the missionaries are taking pictures and I'm just like "that looks fun".  Ummm - I hope he still has the regular camera that he went out with!  I was able to send a wifi camera so that sending pictures would be easier for him.

So, I have reached the 250 lb mark and today, playing basketball, I touched the rim for the first time in months.  I was ecstatic!

Well, Mom, I'll report what I do for my 6 month anniversary. I love you with all my heart.
Elder Seanshine Keddington
I can't believe that Thursday is his "Bump" day.  Six months out!  He seems to be doing great and I am so grateful!  I love having a missionary.  He is an angel!

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