Monday, November 28, 2016

Baptisms in Kasoa

Almost every member of the Branch after Ofelia's baptism

Hey Mom,

What an awesome week! Our baptism went great! Our convert, Ofelia, wept as she was welcomed with literal open arms into the branch. As you saw in the picture, our branch is small but strong. I love them all. Next week we have another baptism for a 15 year old girl named Rebecca. It's amazing how much the work is building. All in all, another awesome week!

So for Thanksgiving we went to the mall and had a big rotisserie chicken. It was delicious. Also, the other picture is not Spaghetti, its Woache (whaaa-chea).  It's pretty much just beans and rice.  It's really good. I have grown to love the food here.  I know crazy, right?

I love you guys so very much! Here's to another awesome week!

Elder Seanshine Keddington 

I'm not sure where he is getting the smaller shirts he is wearing, but some are a little too small, I think. Haha!  He looks so great, though!  I mentioned to him during our FB chat that it was snowing today.  He told me that it sounded like Heaven because the 90 degree temperatures year round get pretty toasty.  He will definitely need to get used to the changing seasons again when he gets home.  All in all he sounds and looks great and we couldn't be happier!!

Monday, November 21, 2016

More work in Kasoa

Hi Mom, 
Another great week out here. We had a pretty good week teaching. Yesterday, we went to the Kasoa stake center to watch a special broadcast from Salt lake City for West Africa.  It was a nice Sunday, We had 2 of our investigators come. Both of their baptisms are on the 27th. We are excited for them and for the branch! The work is truly moving forward.

So, for Thanksgiving I think we will go to the mall and eat a big meal of chicken. I am so jealous of that deep fried turkey you're making, though.  It sounds delicious.  Tell Connor thank you for the Harry Potter wand.  Sounds like the movie was fun.  You guys can keep it there for me when I get home. I am going to try my best not to get trunky! Haha.

I love you all so very much! Another week, another blessing!
Love, Elder Seanshine Keddington
Fufu and Palm Nut Soup with Fish.  He said it was delicious!!

Elder Keddington (before a much needed shave) and Elder Kabasele

Monday, November 14, 2016

Happy 20th Birthday!!

Hi mom! 

We had a fantastic week yet again! We had 2 investigators at church.  We taught them about the Sabbath.  Also, we confirmed our baptism.  He received the priesthood and he passed the sacrament! We are so happy and excited about the progress in this fast-growing area! We are truly blessed!

My birthday was awesome! I went to the mall in Weija, we played pool, and went to the grocery store and got a bunch of stuff we don't normally get.  I had a double chicken sandwich, which was divine!  I was sick the next day, but it was so worth it. I got my birthday package. Everything was wonderful!

Here's to another great week, in the service of the Man upstairs!

Love you all so very much!
Love Elder Seanshine Keddington
He was able to get a nice camera/tablet with his birthday money - yay!  So back to pictures next week!  I asked him if he had heard much about our election there.  He said he heard that Trump had won, but no one really pays much attention to it because they have their own election coming up on December 12th.  The missionaries have been told to stay indoors on that day because there is supposed to be quite a bit of violence associated with the election.  Sounds fun! 
He loves his companion and loves the area.  He feels incredibly blessed to be able to serve in that wonderful corner of the world! 

Monday, November 7, 2016

Definitely a Missionary

Transfer Day with Elder Reeves

Dear Mom, 
We had another fantastic week! My area is a bit like Kwabeng, as in it is right on the edge of the jungle. It's a really pretty village. We had an awesome week of teaching. Our baptism was awesome! Our candidate's name is Dominic and he was received into the branch with open arms. Also, one of the recent converts in the branch was ordained a priest and given the priesthood. And to top it off, I taught the Gospel Essentials class. I taught about the temple and baptisms for the dead. They asked some pretty tough questions, but with the help of the Spirit, I felt I answered them OK. All in all, it was a great week, teaching wise. I did a rough estimated, and since I got here, my companion and I have walked a total of 40 miles!  I come home tired, but satisfied each night. 
Thank you to everyone for the birthday money. I really appreciate all the support you guys give me. I couldn't do it without you guys. I love you all and pray for you everyday.

I love you guys so very much and thank you for the birthday wishes.

Love Elder Seanshine Keddington

Wow - this kid sounds like a missionary!  The tourist is gone.  I can't believe my baby boy will be 20 this week!  How did that happen.  He told me in our FB chat that in some ways, he feels like he's turning 30 instead of 20.  14 months in another country will probably do that to you, especially when you were without running water for the last 4 months.  He sounds so great and is loving the people and the place.  I can't wait until he can get to Accra and get a new camera.  I'm dying for some pictures!  Love this guy and all he is doing.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Welcome to Kasoa

Hi Mom, 

Greetings from Kasoa!  My new area is HUGE!  I've walked at least 13 miles this week.
Elder Kabasele is a super sweet guy.  He is really chill and was Elder Kaelin's last companion. Tell Elder Kaelin I'm in his old area. So, our area of proselyting is actually not around where we live.  We have to take a tro (a small bus) to our area which is called Bawjiase. It's a very nice area and it's ready to receive the Gospel. We are baptizing someone this Sunday, so we are excited for that! All in all, I'm super excited to help build the Kingdom here.

I have some bad news. So first is my camera cord broke during the travel. And second, my camera is having some problems.  It can't take pictures in daylight.  The brightness is messed up. I don't know what to do.  I will think of something.

I love you so much! I will continue to keep you updated!

With all my love, 
Elder Seanshine Keddington
My goodness - how he has grown!  I'm so excited for him and his opportunities in this new area.  With his big heart, he will be great.  Bless his heart - another camera down.  It's a good thing his birthday is next week.  I'm hoping he is somewhere that he can buy one - hopefully cheap!  This mission thing is kind of pricey.  Absolutely worth it, though.  Love this guy so much!!