Monday, February 22, 2016

There's Basketball in Ghana - WooHoo!

Dear Mom, 

Greetings from Kaneshie! I'm in the city, about 25 minutes from the temple. I have a mall in my area AS WELL AS BASKETBALL! WOOO HOOO!! I arrived on Tuesday and said goodbye to Elder Kaelin. My new Companion is Elder Samuel From Nigeria! He is a really hard working missionary and this week we had over 20 lessons.  So different from Kwabeng.  We already have 2 baptisms coming up.  Everything is expensive though and it's a good that Barfuss And Kaelin taught me to budget.

My other Brothers in my apartment (which is named the Salt Lake Apartment) are Elder Prescott from Hawaii and Elder Finch from Highland.  They are both incredibly fun guys. Prescott likes to play basketball.

The people in this area are great. I loved Kwabeng, but the people there saw me and asked for money every single day.  It got old very fast.  Here they don't do that. It's amazing.

We have basketball here at my chapel (which is like one back home) and one at the Temple site. Today we went and played basketball with other Elders from around the area. It was a blast and very refreshing. I will start losing weight like crazy now.

Like I said, Elder Samuel works hard!  This week we had over 20 lessons and have two people committed to baptism and more are on the way.  It's so different from the city where you just went and saw some just to say hi.  Here its hard work!

Well, I don't have much else to write because I'm still getting used to the new area. I will continue to update you about how I start adapting to the city.  I love you all very much and I'll write you next week.
Elder Seanshine Keddington
Hey guys - did you get the idea that he's excited about the basketball?!  It sounds like he is excited about everything.  Bring on those lessons!  Love this guy!

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