Monday, July 31, 2017

A busy week!

Dear Mom, 
What A Big Week!
First of all we had our Multi-zone conference on Tuesday. Elder Cottle and I performed our song. The next day we got a really big invite!  We were invited to sing the same song for Elder Dale G. Renlund when he comes to Ghana on the 8th! We were so shocked. We are practicing like crazy! Hopefully we will do OK!
We had our Mission President here with us on Saturday and Sunday. What a spiritual giant! We had a couple wonderful lessons on Saturday and Sunday was a record turn out for Sacrament meeting, including 5 investigators. It was another Missionary Sunday, So we gave talks. It was a great Sunday!! 
Happy Birthday!!! I can't believe it's gone this fast!!

I love you guys so much!!!!

Love Elder Seanshine Keddington 

Monday, July 24, 2017

Working Hard to the End

From July 17th
Dear Mom, 
We were able to have our baptism! Richmond's baptism went very well. The branch had a big turn out for the event. It was very nice to see them all come out for his support. He was confirmed yesterday. We are so excited for him.
We have postponed the temple trip to the 13th of August. It will be a last outing with the branch before I go home. Me and my companion are really looking forward to it.

I am so happy Connors almost ready to go. Everything is here to make us stronger.

Elder Cottle and I are still doing very well with each other. We are staying busy and strong. He is an amazing companion! We are planning on singing Hymn 112 ( Savior Redeemer of my Soul) for our upcoming zone conference. It will be my last one. I am probably going to get emotional. Mission goes by so quickly.
I love you guys so much! I cant believe how fast its going.

Love Elder Seanshine Keddington
From July 24th
Dear Mom, 
We had another wonderful week out here. The work is moving along well. We are having President Simpson come to Asikuma for the first time so we can show him the Area. We are nervous-ited. Hopefully he loves the area.

We are excited for the multi-zone conference, we will be grateful to sing in it.  Not much else to report this week!

Have another great week! Love you guys so much!!
Love,Elder Seanshine Keddington


Monday, July 10, 2017

Celebrating the 4th

Dear Mom, 
We had another amazing week here in Asikuma. We have been planning a temple trip with the branch which will be taking place on the 22nd. We are excited to have our recent converts going.  We are progressing towards a baptism that will take place on the 15th. It is for a young man named Richmond. He is very excited about the gospel. 
We celebrated the 4th of July this last Tuesday. I read about Captain Moroni and how valiant he was in defending his country. Made me very grateful for all those who have died in the name of freedom.
Have a great week!
I love you guys so much!

Love Elder Seanshine Keddington
Celebrating the 4th of July

When he gets home, I'm going to strap him to a chair and make him tell me about all the pictures he sent


Monday, July 3, 2017

Still has his eye on the ball!

From June 26th:

Dear Mom, 

We had another great week! We were finally able to confirm our baptism. He is very excited to be in the church and to be with the Saints. We are now expecting a baptism on the 15th of July, he is a young boy named Richmond. He is a very intelligent young man who is loving the gospel.

I just received an email from an elder who is coming to the mission. He said that he has been reading the blog and is really excited to come! It was so cool. He is from the Philippines!

Elder Cottle was ill on Friday and Saturday, but is feeling better now. This transfer has flown by!  We had our zone activity today! We went to the beach and played American football! We also got zone polo shirts.

We will continue to work hard! I love you guys so much!

Love Elder Seanshine Keddington

In the "mission" polo shirt

From July 3rd:

Dear Mom, 

We had another great week here in Asikuma. The work is moving along, we are extending Baptismal dates to a lot of our investigators. We will be having baptism on the 15th for a boy named Richmond. He is 9 years old and is progressing very well. We have a couple of Investigators, named Christine and Alberta, who have very strong testimonies of the gospel, but both of their parents do not want them to be baptized. We are praying that the Lord will soften their hearts. Besides that not much else to report. Emmanuel was ordained to the priesthood and the office of a Priest. It was a nice Sunday service.

Elder Cottle and I are very happy to be staying together. He is an amazing missionary, and is a very good friend. 
Have an awesome week! I love you guys so much!

Love Elder Seanshine Keddington

Love this boy so much, but those pants need to stay in Ghana!!  Haha!!

One big reason I'm glad I'm not there!