Monday, September 26, 2016

A Busy Week!

Baptism of Abena

Dear Mom, 

What a big week! A ton happened this week. First off we met with our Mission President in one on one interviews. We had a great talk.  He said that if I continue to grow the way I am, I will train in no time. It was an amazing interview.  

Next I went on an exchange with the Zone leaders. We walked a ton! But we had a great time.
Finally we had our Baptism!  We baptized a woman named Abena.  It was tricky teaching her because she doesn't speak any English so we had to take a translator every time we went to teach her, but we made it work!  It was a very fulfilling week.  We were kind of exhausted at the end though.

So, Kailee (Sharp) got her Mission call!  She will start out with a two-transfer mini-mission to Logan.  Then they'll see how she holds up and maybe send her on a longer mission.   I'm really happy for her she is going to be just amazing!
We will get to watch conference this Sunday at the stake center!  This is huge because when he was in Kwabeng, they had to wait for several weeks before they could watch conference on dvd.

I love you guys so much!
Love, Elder Seanshine Keddington
We got to have our little facebook chat and he talked about looking forward to college with Christian, possibly wanting to become a police officer or firefighter and how much he has grown to love Ghana!!  You love those your serve and his huge heart is forming quite a bond with those great people!   
When in Ghana...

Hauling bamboo

Monday, September 19, 2016

Conference in Accra

Dear Mom, 
We are doing great here! Another good week. We went to Accra on Tuesday and Wednesday to listen to Elder Gary E. Stevenson. He taught us about the importance of following up with commitments. It was a very nice talk.  They had Elder Soares talk to us as well. We had a great time.

We have a new missionary in the apartment. His name is Elder Hall from Ogden. He is a really nice guy. He is 21, he waited a little bit before coming out.

I'm so happy everyone is doing good back home.

So, just some trivia from my side. Right now we don't have any flowing water in our house. There's something wrong with Winneba's water system. No one is getting any, so we've had to get creative with water.  It makes me realize how blessed we are to have all the utilities we do in America.  We truly live in a blessed land.

I love you guys so much and I pray for you everyday!

Love,  Elder Seanshine Keddington
He also mentioned in our facebook chat today that he has taken up the ukelele and loves it!  That's his nana in him!  They have a baptism this Sunday, so he is looking forward to that and he is really anxious to find out where Kailee Sharp will be serving her mission!  He sounds so wonderful!

Elder Stevenson

He's getting so skinny!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Staying in Winneba

 Dear Mom, 
We got transfer news, I'm staying in Winneba with Elder Dall. I'm fine with it, but Elder Dall really wanted to train because a bunch of brand new missionaries are coming in. He was taking it kind of hard, but he will be OK. On Sunday we went on splits with the AP's.  It was very nice they are really sweet guys. The Elder I was with said he was very impressed with my teaching! So he said when the next bunch of greenies come in, he said he'd hook me up to train! It was a great afternoon. 
So, on that high note let me share what has been my worst experience so far on mission. So, we went to the Zone leaders apartment on Saturday.  When we got back we went to a chop bar (a little stand where they sell food) and I ordered a piece of Chicken. It smelled kind of weird and when I bit into it, a bunch of maggots were crawling out of the chicken! I spit it out and got my money back. I was in kind of a bad mood for the rest of the day! :) (Um, yeah!!  Yikes!)  
I'm so happy everything is well. I hope everyone is OK. I love you all so very much!
On Wednesday we go to Accra for a mission conference with Elder Gary. E. Stevenson. I can't wait for his instruction!

I love you All sooo very much!

Love, Elder Seanshine Keddington

I love his attitude about training.  All in the Lord's time.  But - wow!  I'm pretty sure I would have a tough time eating chicken again.  Ugh!  I love the growth we are seeing in him!  He makes my heart happy!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Now mom starts to count down

Oh my heart!!

Dear Mom, 

What a week!  Not only did I have fun, but my testimony of the priesthood grew.  So, on Wednesday I woke up feeling sicker then I ever have been before on my mission. I had a 100+ fever, coughing nausea.  We called Sister Simpson about it and she said I should rest for the week.  I couldn't accept it. So I asked all the missionaries to give me a blessing and after suffering for a bit, I was fine that evening!  My fever broke and I wasn't hurting anymore.  The priesthood has the true power on this earth.  I know it to be true.

So, our one year celebration was a huge blast! In the morning we went and taught a few investigators.  Then we went and played basketball with some college students.  They were really good.  I am pretty rusty!  We went to a pizza parlor for ice cream and pizza and then went back to the apartment to burn our shirts and we made S'mores!

I am so excited for this coming year and I am ready to go!  I love you guys so very much!
1 year down 1 to go!
Love, Elder Seanshine Keddington
The burning shirt

Looking good, guys!

Watch it burn!