Wednesday, March 9, 2016

A Man of Few Words

He started out by answering a couple of questions I had for him.  I should really start writing all his letters this way.  I get the information that I need!  ;)

Hi Mom! 

1.  How is your nerve pain?  Have they decided what it is?  Again, if it's shingles or if they can't figure out what it is, take that Lysine that I sent in the package.  It should help. (He's had some bad nerve pain in his shoulders and along the top of his back.  They were wondering if it was Shingles, even though he hasn't had a rash)
1. Its getting better. Definitely getting better. It just irritates me.

2.  Did you lose your original camera?  You said that you just watch everyone else take pictures.  Please tell me you haven't been able to take pics for 6 months just because you didn't tell me something happened to it.  When you get the wifi camera, please use it and SEND ME PICTURES!!!
2. No, I still have it.  The screen cracked so I couldn't see the pictures. I will not abuse that camera. 

This week was great.  I finally met President Snow. He is an amazing man. OK, big news! Elder Ronald A. Rasband is coming this week to speak to us! He is going to speak to us and I will be able to meet him. I'm so excited! 

The work is good now. I'm getting use to the change of pace.  We finally worked out the problems with one of our investigators and she is ready for baptism. We have 3 coming up.  Two on the 19th and one in April. 

I'm sorry its short too. hey one last thing, can you have Connor send a flash drive with my (appropriate) favorite music on it.  I would love that so very much.

I love you tons and tons,

Elder Seanshine Keddington

What a great opportunity for these missionaries!  I love that he is so excited about Elder Rasband's visit.  He is a man of few words, but I cherish each one!

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