Monday, February 27, 2017

Feeling Better and Moving On

His flat mates

They've been a great group!

Dear Mom, 
I got transferred!  I'm headed to the deepest bush in our mission.  I'm going to Asikuma in the Winneba zone. Its like Kwabeng levels of far away. I have to admit, I was sad to get the news. Even now I feel kinda sad, but I know that the Lord needs me somewhere else, so I will give it everything I've got. My new companion is Elder Burt, my traveling companion!  It will be so cool to work with him as we both near the end. More than likely, this will be my last area.  
Yesterday, when I bore my testimony to Bawjiase, I was a little emotional. I will miss this wonderful branch and all the members. They have a bright future. We had 5 investigators at church yesterday. 
I will let you know all the new details next week! I love you guys so very much!

Elder Seanshine Keddington

I got a couple of messages this past week letting me know that he had talked to the doctor. The doctor thought that he may have had a virus, but wanted to do some blood work on him, just to be sure.  Yesterday I got a quick message that said the blood work came back normal and that he was feeling much better!  I am so very grateful!  And I am glad that he reached out to the doctor before heading to the very edge of his mission - several hours from Accra.  I can breathe a little easier now.

He has done wonderful things in the Kasoa area.  That little branch is starting to flourish.  I know he will have a soft place in his heart for it always.  We are so grateful for these wonderful experiences he has to dedicate all his time and energy to the temporal and spiritual welfare of others. On to Asikuma!


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Still not feeling great

This is Moda.  She is 3 and darling!

Dear Mom, 
Another pretty good week! We are doing well in the work right now. Elder Ngwenya and I taught the members how to teach the gospel to people.  We also established a ward mission with ward missionaries. Tomorrow we are going to see a member's referrals, so it is already paying off! All is well on the work front. 
My aches and fatigue are still happening.  I am working through it, though on Saturday I was woken up in the middle of the night with stomach cramps.  We stayed in that day. I am hoping it passes soon. I will take care of myself. I believe it is just that my body is weary. I will be ok :)

I love you guys so very much. I will work my hardest. 
Love, Elder Seanshine Keddington

Trying to get a 20-year-old guy to listen to his mom is tough.  I told him that he HAD to get checked out to make sure all is well.  Hopefully the next time I hear from him, he will have answers.  Sounds like the work is moving forward and he is doing well.  Transfers are Saturday and he is really hoping he gets to stay, but we'll see.  We're so proud of his dedication.  He is becoming quite a man!

They had quite the little photo shoot! ;)


Thursday, February 16, 2017

6 Months to go

He loved snuggling with this sweet 2-week-old boy!
 Dear Mom,
Another pretty good week.  Lately my body has been aching like crazy.  It might just be that I am tired, but I will keep going.  I will keep getting stronger.  We should be having a baptism soon, so we are excited for another fruit of the labour to come forth.

I am so happy we got a dog! She is so cute. when I go to college I plan on getting a German shepherd or something. I am so glad we have one now.

I will continue to serve the lord with all my heart! I love you guys so very much!

Love Elder Seanshine Keddington
A man of very few words this week.  He has been instructed to check with the mission nurse concerning his aching body since he has now complained about being tired and hurting for a couple weeks now.  Hoping all is well!  
After years of asking on the part of our children, we did get a dog.  We got a sweet Westie named Maia.  He is really excited to meet her.
I look forward to hearing from him and hoping the word is good on his health.  We are sure proud of him!  6 months to go!

He made dinner for the apartment

On the day of the big Jazz vs. Clippers game


Monday, February 6, 2017

A couple slow weeks

A carved ebony Elephant Head.  Quite a souvenir!

From last week:
Dear Mom, 

Another great week! Some new changes have taken place. The church announced that we will have just 4 key indicators to measure our work. It will be baptisms and confirmations, new investigators, investigators at church, and baptismal dates. Its a pretty big change, Also, they are changing our schedule so we have more sleep - keeping us healthy. 

Also, I met with President this week.  He said he is very happy with our work in Bawjiase and says to keep up the good work! We will do just that!
Besides that, not much else to report on. I am excited to see how these change will affect the mission.

I love you guys so much!
Love Elder Seanshine Keddington 
From today:

Dear Mom, 
Another pretty good week. Not a lot to report. We are contacting like crazy to try and get our teaching pool full again. I had a bit of frustration yesterday. We had all of our contacts and some who are less active say they were coming to church, but none of them did. I had to remind myself that it takes time. I'm good now.
Boo, the Patriots won. Oh well. the Jazz are doing really good I hear.
All is well out here and I am doing good!  I love you so very much!

Love Elder Seanshine Keddington
He said in his FB message to me last week that he was just tired.  He was kind of glad to have not much going on because he feels like he has been so busy lately.  Busy is good, but I'm glad he can recognize when it's time to step back just a bit and recover.  He sounds great!  6 months 8 days until he comes home!  
I keep bugging him about sending me pictures!  Seriously - I hope he is at least taking them!