Monday, June 27, 2016

New Area

Winneba from the Bishop's house
Dear Mom, 
I'm back in the bush! Winneba is absolutely gorgeous. I'm still on the coast and I'm loving it! this place is really clean.  It's the first place I've seen that has garbage trucks, so it's nice to live here.  The work here is kind of the same as it was in Kwabeng, as in it's somewhat of a rest area. It's a welcome slow time.

My companion is Elder Maloba, who is from the DR Congo.  He is awesome!  He goes home at the end of the transfer, so he is super chill.
This week, we met some of the members of the ward.  One of them, Brother Toufor, is a massive health nut. He has aloe and prickly pear cactus all over his compound.  He is, at some point, going to make us a smoothie that is supposedly a super drink. I don't know - ask Dedi if it's good stuff, she might know.   The members here are really nice. Sunday meeting was just like Kwabeng, all Twi speaking, so i couldn't really follow along.
We were fed banku with this really nice stew with some special meat to go along, I'll try and upload a picture.  I'll also try to upload a pic of a shot of Winneba. (From wikipedia:  Banku is a Ghanaian dish which is cooked by a proportionate mixture of fermented corn and cassava dough in hot water into a smooth, whitish consistent paste. Served with soup, stew or a pepper sauce with fish.)
Banku (in the back) with crab and stew
I love you guys so much i pray for you everyday.  I love you!
Love, Elder Seanshine Keddington

Does it really surprise me (or anyone) that Sean prefers the chill life of the bush?  Nope, not at all.  I'm so glad this move seems to have been a good one for him.  Love hearing from that boy!

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