Monday, June 13, 2016

The Rainy season is here!

Hi Mom, 

This week was pretty good. We confirmed our recent converts this week, so we are not failing.  Our transfers are this week.  We will find if I stay or leave.  My companion and I are not fighting as much anymore, but I feel like we are both ready for a shake up. 

So, this week I don't have a ton to share. I watched Hayden Bush's mission call opening on facebook! Mexico! Man, that's crazy!  He was always the little kid in our little threesome and now he's going out. It's crazy!

Thank you guys for the package. I am loving my mp3 player and the music. 

Today we had a zone vs zone water balloon fight and our zone won. It was awesome!  Afterwards we got pizza!

I love you guys.  I'll send some pictures.

Love Elder Seanshine Keddington

I also got to chat with him for a bit on FB.  That's a really fun way to instantly communicate.  We're pretty good to keep our visit short, though:

Hi Mom
Hello my love!
How's the homefront?
It's good. You got your package?
Yep, thank you for everything in it. Especially the CTR rings
You're welcome! Did you like the socks?
These are the cool socks we found for him at the Jazz Game!  Long live Stockton to Malone!!
Oh man! those were Awesome. Elder Fryar was jealous. Have Connor email me.  He wanted a detailed reaction to the Jungle Book song.
We are definitely in the rainy season. A little 2 year old girl was killed in Tema Onj on Friday.  She was washed away in a flash flood 
Oh my gosh - so sad!! Please be careful!!
I know.  They are saying don't take risks.  When it rains get to cover!

This time last year, there were terrible floods in Accra.  There were incredible and sad stories that we were hearing from that part of the world including this from some missionaries:

It makes me nervous, but he's in the Lord's hands.  He looks happy and sounds great.  What more can I ask for?  We are blessed.

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