Monday, July 11, 2016

A little over 10 months out!

Winneba District
Hi Mom! 
This week was pretty sweet.  We didn't teach a lot this week.  The Muslim community broke their month long fast, so everyone has been partying.  It's made it hard to get people to teach, but we are trying our hardest each day.  We are doing good.  I've gotten down to an even 230lbs, so I am getting healthier each day. 
It looks like you guys had a blast in Nauvoo and South Dakota. I have to admit, I wish I was there with you guys. Oh well, just a little over a year before I'm home. But who's counting? Haha!
We are working with a lot of less actives in this area.  It's made me realize that faith is the root of everything we believe in.  Faith will move mountains, but you have to actually work with it.

I Love you guys so much.  I'm glad you guys had so much fun together.

I love you Forever!

Elder Seanshine Keddington

Still a man of few words.  Sounds like things are going well, though.  We pray for him everyday and know that the Lord is keeping him safe and happy.  Love that boy!


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