Monday, January 25, 2016

Seeing life through different eyes

Dear Mom, 

I'm so happy about the Broncos!  What a way for Peyton Manning to go out of his career.  Hopefully they can win. 

This week it's been kind of slow we're progressing small with some of our investigators. Most notably Kojo's friend, William, who is already committed to a baptismal date.  So, woohoo for that!  I'm sending you a picture this time of a man who we went to see.  He is mentally challenged and lives by himself.  He spends the day teaching the gospel, preaching style, and can't even afford shoes.  The stuff you see on his walls are old magazine clippings that he uses for wallpaper. This was as he told us his life story.  It was extremely humbling.  His entire house is smaller than Connor's room.

The mission ended up losing my Christmas package.  They looked everywhere but couldn't find it.  The new Mission President, President Snow, is changing a lot of things around here. For example during transfers we used to go to the chapel in Accra, but now we go straight to the area we've been transferred to and we go by ourselves.  Elder Kaelin doesn't like the idea at all and because I don't know any other area, I feel like I might get lost a couple times. That would be a disaster!  

Tell Kinslee Happy Birthday!  I've gotten just as emotional as she has out here.  I look at the picture of you guys everyday and I can't believe how much I miss you guys, but thinking optimistically, I've almost been out here for almost 6 months that's one fourth of my mission!  It feels like I've been here all my life though. 
I'm sorry I don't have more to report about the work out here, but like I said it's been kind of a slow week.  I'll send you some pictures.  Another week down.
 With all the love in the world,
Elder Seanshine Keddington

Ok - Yes!  It was me!  I'm the one who started out my letter to him this week filling him in on all the wonderful news concerning the NFL.  Not missionary related, but oh well.  I'm sad about his Christmas package.  It wasn't much, just the stuff from his stocking (the kids insisted that Santa fill his stocking), but I guess I better get another one sent right away.  He's requested instant potatoes and Rips.  He's pretty easy to please.

I'm kind of not okay about the new transfer procedure.  I thought missionaries weren't supposed to be alone.  Especially while traveling in Africa.  I'm thinking an email to the Mission President to get some clarification is probably in order.  I'm sure he has it handled, but I need my worried parent mind eased.

I love that he is getting an opportunity to see such a different life than the one he has grown up knowing.  I love that he cared enough about this sweet man that he wanted to share him with us.

I love this guy and miss him, but couldn't be more proud of his service and example!

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