Monday, January 4, 2016

A full year of nothing but missionary work!

Hi Mom! 

I loved talking to you guys on Christmas. I actually had a bad bit of homesickness after the call, but I'm where I need to be.  For New Years, Elder Kaelin and I went and bought huge roman candles and shot them off at midnight.

The Baptism happened! Yesterday I baptized Kojo and it was a very spiritual experience for both of us. He was welcomed into the ward with open arms.  He brought his friend William, so we're going to start teaching him the gospel too.  I gave my talk in church and it was short and sweet.  We get our new mission president now. His name is President Snow and we're going to meet him.

This last week I was very sick.  I had stomach worms and it was not very fun. I called the mission nurse and she prescribed me some medication and it knocked it right out.

I recently got to watch the Saturday afternoon session of conference. Elder Holland's talk about mothers made me realize how much I miss and love you, Mom.  Thank you so much for getting me out here and for raising me so that I may be able to teach these people the gospel.  I love you and Dad so much and I want to thank you with all The love in my heart

This is my full year in Ghana and I'm going to make the most of it.  I'm going to lose all the weight that I gained back home and I'm going to teach as many people as I can.

I'm proud of Connor for going out and trying ice fishing.  It's not for everyone, as it sounds, but I'm proud of him for doing it.

Today me and Elder Kaelin got to go to a restaurant in Anyinem.  It was very good and I tried custard and mutton

I love you all so much and I will continue to teach the gospel and make you proud.  Love you guys so much!
Elder Seanshine Keddington

PS: When Connor goes out on mission - PS4 becomes mine ;)

PPS:  One more thing.  Packages are great thing to look forward to, I hear, and they make the time go by really quickly.  I know you send a ton but could you see if the rest of the family would send them. I love getting stuff here.  It's a great motivator.  Thank you so much

This letter makes me laugh a little.  It's kind of like talking to Sean in person.  He tends to jump around on the topics you are discussing and can give you a bit of whiplash!  He sounds great, though!  Talking with him on Christmas actually made me feel a lot better.  Because we were able to see his smile and hear him talk about how much he is loving his mission, it made me worry less about him.  I'm glad his homesickness didn't seem to last too long.  And, Yay!  Stomach worms!  ewwwww.  Very grateful for good medicines!  It sounds like the work continues to progress and we will keep praying for these great missionaries and that people will be ready for them.  

BTW - I probably need to step up the packages.  Need to keep him motivated and all!  ;)

I sure love this guy! 

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