Monday, January 11, 2016

I think January feels the same everywhere!

Hi Mom, 

This week was better than the last one.  I have finally gotten over my sickness.  I'm losing a lot of weight, I'm watching my diet and I'm really really well.  We finally confirmed Kojo as a member of the Church. After the baptism, I learned that Elder Barfuss and his companion started teaching him back in June.  This was a very long awaited baptism, but I'm glad it happened.  He started bringing his friend William to church, so we are going to start teaching him the gospel

It's kind of slow right now.  We're not having as many lessons as we would like, but that's how it is sometimes.  The Gospel happens out here in the Lord's time.  Kaelin and I are getting along great.  We are good friends.  He may get transferred this week, so I will be the last one left in this apartment that started out as me, Barfuss, Lords and Kaelin.  I feel like I'm ready and I want to go to the city, but the Lord will do what needs to be done.

Tell Connor to read his patriarchal blessing a ton. (He just received it yesterday)  I've studied mine back and forth out here and I found so many blessings.  The Lord has promised me that if I will keep His commandments that he will pour out His Spirit upon me.  When the time comes, I know Connor will make an excellent missionary.  I will try to set the good example for him.  President Snow arrived in Ghana and the zone leaders say that he is a very chill guy.  I'm looking forward to serving with him.

Can you believe its been 4 months since I've been out on mission?  It feels like such a long time ago that I left you guys at the airport.  I can barely remember my old life, but I'm growing in my new life out here.

Nothing else to report this week.  I'll keep you guys updated and I'll tell you if  anything interesting happens this week.  I love you guys so very much and I know that this gospel is true.  Get Connor to the temples much you guys can.
Love,  Elder Sean Matthew Keddington

We found out this week that the new Mission President, who will begin in July, is Robert H. Simpson.  He is from Australia.  President Snow is the interim Mission President called to fill the gap because of the passing of President Hill's wife.  We are so grateful for these wonderful couples who dedicate all their time to helping these missionaries do the work of the Lord! 

It sounds like he is ready for a shake up, but, as he says, all in the Lord's time.  I love hearing those words come from him.  We are blessed!! 

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