Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Skype

We had not one, but 2 wonderful Skype visits with Elder K on Christmas.  We have a long standing tradition in our house where right at 6am - on the dot - we go up to see what Santa brought for Christmas.  Elder K had planned on Skyping with the whole family around noon, but just after 6am, my phone rang with a number from Ghana!  It was Elder Barfuss who told me that Sean wanted to set up the Skype call now and surprise his brothers and sister when they came up to see what Santa brought.  It was a little too late to surprise them they way he wanted to, but I guarantee - we were ALL surprised!!  He looked and sounded wonderful!  He took us on a tour of his apartment, bore his testimony, spoke some Twi for us and smiled the entire time!  Even when he cried, he smiled.  He said that this was the best Christmas he has ever experienced!  It was great to have that precious time with him.  He then set up his later Skype for 1:30pm

We had everyone who wanted to come over for the second Skype call and it was wonderful!  Jeremy's family was in Mexico, Jeff's family was in Portland and Josh's family was at Christmas lunch in Sandy, but we were able to get them all on Facetime and had a great visit that spanned the globe!  We ended our visit with a prayer offered by Sean.  I'm pretty sure we all cried.  He has grown so much.  We couldn't have asked for a better Christmas gift!!

Gavin has had a terrible toothache.  We were pre-occupied with getting him comfortable last night and I forgot to write my email to Sean.  At 6am I jumped up and ran to the computer figuring I'd be OK because we've never gotten an email from him before 7:30am.  Nope - he beat me to it.  Darn!  I sent him a response, but I guess that means he'll have 2 emails to read next week.

Dear Mom, 
I have some big news. Elder Barfuss got emergency transferred and Elder Wokporka went home, so now Elder Kaelin is my companion and we are the only Elders in Kwabeng. It was very all-of-a-sudden. He got the call Saturday night.  He's going down closer to the coast.
I will most likely have the baptism this week but I'll see on Sunday. I miss you guys and I loved seeing you on Christmas. My talk in church went well.  I shared my temple experience and I bore my testimony of the Savior.
Not a lot to report so I'll see how this week goes.
I love you all soo much and I'll write you next week.

Love, Elder Seanshine Keddington 

We are so grateful for the incredible trainer Elder Barfuss was to our boy!  He helped Sean through some tough bouts of homesickness and I'm sure has become a life-long friend.  We made the connection that he is from Aloha, Oregon and is in the same stake as Jeff and Janet, so we'll be able to stay in touch.  We will pray for his continued success!  

Sean seems more determined than ever to do the Lord's work.  I Love It!!!


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