Monday, October 26, 2015

A little homesick

So, with the crazy email schedule we've had, I was absolutely delighted to find a Monday morning email!  I had asked him if they just write when they can find and internet signal.  I also asked him about some of us putting money into his debit account for him to use to buy some much needed food and supplies for some of the families there for Christmas.  We figured that it would be a much better use of resources to just equip him with the means to take care of it on that end.  I wanted to find out about how they shop for their food, etc. He's getting so much better at answering my questions!  How I love this boy!

Dear Mom, 
We do write emails on days when we can. Today we found a new cafe so hopefully we can get back to Monday email. Life here is good. 

So what we do for food is we usually buy a bulk box of ramen or 5-6 loafs of bread and make it last. Food is a big money hole here. There are a bunch of individual shops. You walk around and barter for a deal, but there is definitely a market for produce on TuesdayTuesday is market day.  As for the money for Christmas, I would be honored to do that. Thank Julee and Dedi for me. 

I forgot to tell you last week, but last Saturday was the day my emotions came out. I finished a very intense workout, I walked inside and saw our family picture then out of nowhere I started to cry. I sat down and thought of you guys and how much I love and miss you. Elder Barfuss came right to my side and comforted me. Then Elder Lords, who I came out with, start to cry to and told me he knew what I was feeling. I feel better now. I'm thankful for the support these guys give me.

My next baptism might be on Sunday. I cant believe I'm almost 19. I'm dropping weight like crazy. I look like I did a month after our cruise and its still coming off!  Tell the kids I love them all so much. I love you all a ton and I miss you. I'll write you about my progress this week.

Love, Elder Keddington

I am so incredibly grateful for this wonderful trainer that he has!  He has been so great for Elder K.  I am just so happy that these wonderful young men and women are having these great experiences.  It's unlike anything that they could have dreamed of here and it's so good for them!  We are very very blessed!

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