Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Life in Kwabeng

I am learning patience.  It's something I desperately need to work on and always have.  Having to wait until Wednesday this week to hear from my boy gave me another opportunity to exercise that patience.  I imagine it is just about grabbing an internet signal when they can.  This is good for me! 

I asked him to send me some examples of the way the kids there lived so that I could share with my kids how blessed (ahem, spoiled) they are.  The wait was well worth it:

Dear mom,

I have seen some pretty jarring examples of poverty here. For example, showers consist of a big bowl of cold water that the kids sit in and wash themselves. Every kids shoe has a hole in it and they live in concrete shacks with tin roofs. But they are always so full of energy and excitement. For them a piece of bubble gum is like Christmas.

This week is a bit of a slow one, but on Sunday we hope to have another baptism. I confirmed Prince last Sunday, but I messed up on the prayer so they had me do it again after the meeting. I'm losing weight and my belly is almost gone again. I promised the Lord that I would stay humble this time and not gloat about my physique this time.

Tell Seth Happy Birthday for me.  I've got the kids some souvenirs already but I will keep getting them things. Hows everyone?  Tell Hayden Bush I miss him and I will see him in 3.

Mom I love you all soo much and I am doing alright out here.

With all my love, Elder Keddington 

I love how he says things are slow, but they should have another baptism on Sunday!  Sounds like the work is good.  And I love that he promises not to gloat about his physique.  He did tend to do that when he got so skinny before because it was rather unlike our family, but good for him!  Yay for a belt!

I've been wondering what to send him to give to people at Christmas.  I think I will just send a couple of packages stuffed with candy and treats.  I've heard many times that it's so hard to get there and they love it when they get it.  Done and done! 

I'm so proud of this kid!  He makes my heart happy!

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