Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Some Answers

I'm starting to wonder if P-day has been moved to Tuesday because 2 weeks in a row now, we've gotten Elder K's email on Tuesday instead of Monday.  Regardless of the day - we are always so glad to hear from him!  Here is today's letter:

Dear Mom, 
Life out here is very camping like. My diet consists of mostly ramen, bread, eggs, rice, and chicken. We cook on a gas lit stove because the electricity is unreliable. It goes in and out. Every day there is a thunderstorm. we do our laundry every Monday. A sister from our branch comes and hand-washes all our clothes for 10 cedis. 
The church is very nice here. It is actually a very nice building with open hallways and class rooms. The talks are all in Twi, so I can't understand them. Oh well, I still feel the spirit. Sunday was our district conference and President and Sister Hill came. All us elders sang Press forward Saints then a verse in Twi.
The confirmation is this Sunday and I will do it. Besides that not much else is going on. 
No one got transferred so I'm with everyone for at least 8 more weeks.
Love you Mom soo much and I will find a way to send pictures.
Love, Elder Keddington
It's nice to finally get more information from him about the way he is living.  I need to figure out how much 10 cedis is in American currency.  My kids are getting off way too easy!  ;)  We sure love this boy!

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  1. Thanks for sharing, my Dear M-M, (Missionary Mom)
    Such tender times... I remember. My heart, my prayers are so with you - all of you. We send the only young people in all the earth who choose to give so much! And the only answer for that is "because it's true - " like it or not.. It just is and it just keeps rolling - . What a gift to share...
    A "perfect mildness" is the venue and YOUR Son does that so well! There is much Power in such a rare gift of truly humble service! - & so much Joy in the journey!
    Love you to pieces!
    Just me,