Thursday, February 16, 2017

6 Months to go

He loved snuggling with this sweet 2-week-old boy!
 Dear Mom,
Another pretty good week.  Lately my body has been aching like crazy.  It might just be that I am tired, but I will keep going.  I will keep getting stronger.  We should be having a baptism soon, so we are excited for another fruit of the labour to come forth.

I am so happy we got a dog! She is so cute. when I go to college I plan on getting a German shepherd or something. I am so glad we have one now.

I will continue to serve the lord with all my heart! I love you guys so very much!

Love Elder Seanshine Keddington
A man of very few words this week.  He has been instructed to check with the mission nurse concerning his aching body since he has now complained about being tired and hurting for a couple weeks now.  Hoping all is well!  
After years of asking on the part of our children, we did get a dog.  We got a sweet Westie named Maia.  He is really excited to meet her.
I look forward to hearing from him and hoping the word is good on his health.  We are sure proud of him!  6 months to go!

He made dinner for the apartment

On the day of the big Jazz vs. Clippers game


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