Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Election Week in Ghana

The mall near him is not too shabby!

Hi Mom! 

Big news week! It snuck up on me, but we got transfer news! Elder Kabasele is going to Swedru and I got Elder Ngwenya from Zimbabwe. I am now Senior companion. Elder Ngwenya is a really cool guy. He was in the same apartment as me when I was in Winneba. Our baptism is actually this Sunday, because we had Stake Conference. So now we have a new Christmas transfer!

So, election time in Ghana is in full swing. It's getting pretty crazy!  We were in Bawjiase yesterday, sitting in a tro (like a cab) and  waiting to go back to Kasoa.  Our tro driver was then attacked in broad daylight, in front of everyone, because he is a supporter of the current president. Elder Ngwenya and I were in the front seat, right next to him. I was genuinely nervous! 

Its getting wild over here! Here's to another awesome week!
Love you all so very much!
Love Elder Seanshine Keddington
He said the driver of the tro was ok.  Just a normal everyday thing.  Wow!  The missionaries are supposed to stay out of crowds today and on election day, tomorrow. On Thursday, the day after the election, they are not allowed to leave their apartments because of possible civil unrest.  President has turned that day into "deep clean your apartment" day.  Very smart!  We are hoping all stays calm and well.  What an eye opening experience for these young men.  We are grateful for wonderful guidance from his mission leaders.  He looks great and sounds wonderful.  He is down to 209 lbs, so right about 100 lbs down.  Amazing!

He snapped this picture while we were FB chatting

This is a tro.  Not sure if it's the one they were in or not
Elders Kabasele and Keddington on Thanksgiving Day

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