Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas Week!

After a zone on zone football game.  Always the stand out - wearing yellow when everyone else is in blue!

Hi Mom! 

Christmas is here! I am so excited to talk to you guys! This week was awesome in some aspects, not in others. It was awesome because we went to the temple with our recent converts! Everyone was so happy to go to the temple and everyone is looking forward to our next trip! Hopefully soon! The teaching this week was not that great. All of the members who usually go out with us were busy all week, so we had to get by on our own. Bawjiase is not an English first town, so our options were limited. Fortunately everyone will be home for the holidays this week so we will be able to take a member everyday.

I will be able to Skype at noon. I can't wait for it! We are going to Accra tomorrow for a mission conference. It will be great to see everyone. 

I love you guys to the Moon and back! Can't wait for Christmas!
Elder Seanshine Keddington
P.S. Sorry for the beard in the pic. I'll shave :)

Haha!  The kid is such a hairy beast, I'm always bugging him because he has a beard shadow in his pictures.  I love that he jumped on with the PS before I commented on it.  He makes me laugh. 
 I can't believe we get to talk to him on Sunday!  It's the only Christmas present I want!  It's absolutely amazing how precious those visits are.  Especially since I haven't gotten a Sean hug for almost 16 months!  I am very much looking forward to talking to him.  This is his last Christmas away, but we get to look forward to Connor being gone for next Christmas.  Gigantic sigh!!!  It's totally worth it, though.  
We hope that his Christmas is wonderful and that he is able to make a few other people's Christmases great! 

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