Monday, August 29, 2016


This Saturday, Elder Keddington will mark one year of being a full-time servant of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ in the Ghana Accra West Mission.  He has experienced such incredible growth emotionally and spiritually (and he's shrunk physically!).  We couldn't be more grateful for this past year and look forward to what the next year will bring.  Our young man is being molded and shaped as his Heavenly Father sees fit.  

Dear Mom, 

This week was so much better than last week.  Instead of teaching 4 or 5 lessons this week, we taught 19!  We found 10 new people to share the gospel with. Everyday at noon, we stopped what we were doing and said a prayer that we would find people to teach, and it worked!  The Lord helps us if we are faithful and stand in need of help. I know its true.  It's happened several times on my mission. With my first year almost gone I am often reflecting on the ups and downs of Missionary life.  If you ever need help, just ask the Lord. He will help in his own time and his own way.

This week we are planning on celebrating our 1 year with pizza and a marshmallow roast. We will celebrate on Saturday.

I haven't gotten my package yet.  Hopefully it will come soon.

I love you all so very much! 1 down, 1 to go!
Love, Elder Seanshine Keddington

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