Monday, September 5, 2016

Now mom starts to count down

Oh my heart!!

Dear Mom, 

What a week!  Not only did I have fun, but my testimony of the priesthood grew.  So, on Wednesday I woke up feeling sicker then I ever have been before on my mission. I had a 100+ fever, coughing nausea.  We called Sister Simpson about it and she said I should rest for the week.  I couldn't accept it. So I asked all the missionaries to give me a blessing and after suffering for a bit, I was fine that evening!  My fever broke and I wasn't hurting anymore.  The priesthood has the true power on this earth.  I know it to be true.

So, our one year celebration was a huge blast! In the morning we went and taught a few investigators.  Then we went and played basketball with some college students.  They were really good.  I am pretty rusty!  We went to a pizza parlor for ice cream and pizza and then went back to the apartment to burn our shirts and we made S'mores!

I am so excited for this coming year and I am ready to go!  I love you guys so very much!
1 year down 1 to go!
Love, Elder Seanshine Keddington
The burning shirt

Looking good, guys!

Watch it burn!

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