Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A Wonderful Meeting

Jeff and Janet were able to attend the homecoming of Elder Barfuss this past Sunday.  He is in their stake and they were able to make connection with his family.  They were so impressed by this young man!  To us, he is a hero.  He was the perfect trainer for Sean.  He was able to guide him into a life that was very different than what Sean had known.  He was able to help him through his homesickness in a very gentle and effective way.  I know that Sean counts him as one as his very best friends and we are so very grateful for him.  
In his homecoming address, he talked about how tough it was to go from the first world country to a third world country, but has found that the transition back has been even more difficult.  It has been very hard to him to see people here taking comforts for granted.  He witnessed a "fit" by a child who was angry that there were pickles on his hamburger when he didn't want pickles.  Elder Barfuss could only think of the kids in Ghana who are often wondering where their next meal would come from.  He also saw a teen very upset because the phone store didn't have the right color phone case.  We have very much become a nation of wants - not needs.  Something I believe that we all can work on.

Jeff and Janet look forward to visiting more with this great guy and will, no doubt, help facilitate some visits from Sean when he gets home.

Hi Mom, 
Well another week down. We had a very good week. We are working with 3 main investigators who are getting baptized this Sunday. Two women, Abigail and Florence who are in their 30's.  They are good friends.  Also, a 14 year old boy named David.  Besides that not much else going on.  That's actually quite a bit going on!

I met Elder Curtis of the Seventy at church yesterday.  He is a really nice man. Can you believe that next month will be one year since I got my call. It feels like not that long ago.
The city is very good and we are biking a ton.  I would say at least 4 miles each day, so when we get home each night we are ready to crash. Mission life is going well right now.  I can't complain at all.
We are going to try and skype you on Mother's Day.  I will call you ahead to let you know when I'll be on.
Here are some pictures of Lartebiokorshie:

 Hey, I love you mom!  I pray for you every day.  Please let everyone at home know how much I love them.

Love Elder Seanshine Keddington

I adore this kid - I just can't wait until he realizes that I want to see pictures of him!  Can't wait to actually see and talk to him in a few weeks!

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