Monday, March 28, 2016


Happy Easter Mom! 

Hey, big news! I got transferred! I am going to a part of the city known as Lartebiokorshie! I'm still close by the temple, so I still have basketball! (Ah yes, the important things!  Haha!)

Elder Samuel, I'll be honest, was not a fun companion.  He demanded perfection and would yell at me if I screwed up. He was always saying how he was a model missionary and us Americans are not serious. He even told me that it would have been better if I had stayed home and never come out on mission. So in total, I guess our personalities are too different. My next companion is named Elder Friday.  I'm hoping he is better.  :'(  Me too - however, learning experiences like this are important.

Other big news - we had a baptism yesterday!  It was for that girl, Grace!  I was so happy I almost cried. We had worked hard and prayed for this girl and it happened. 

Other than that there's not really anything else going on right now.  For Easter, we went to a member's house and I had Banku! It was very good - look it up. (I did:  Banku is a Ghanaian dish which is cooked by a proportionate mixture of fermented corn and cassava dough in hot water into a smooth, whitish consistent paste. Served with soup, stew or a pepper sauce with fish. - it is absolutely amazing that he is trying these foods!  He would never try anything different!)  But everyone here says that its not Easter, its Palm Sunday. I have no idea why.

Well mom, I love you all! Big news coming next week after the transfer! I'll tell you everything

Love, Elder Seanshine Keddington



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  1. It is so wonderful to hear of Elder Keddington's great successes and learning. I was SO frustrated when I read that another Elder would even say something as cruel and UNCHRIST LIKE "it would have been better for another missionary to not serve." I hope that this Elder learns the importance of EVERY Missionary and that our Heavenly Father values ALL of His children. I love the opportunity to share in my nephew's mission, Thank you Burg for setting up this great Blog!! LOVE YOU!!!!