Monday, March 21, 2016

The work moves along

Dear Mom, 
My week was pretty good. At the beginning of the week Elder Samuel and I spent a little time talking our differences. We are working together a lot better.  (Something (mother's instinct) has been telling me that he is having a more difficult time with this companion.  They definitely come from two different worlds with very different backgrounds.  It's never a bad thing to learn to compromise and get along with others and a mission is one of the best ways to do this.  When I wrote this week, I mentioned that I had been getting that impression and it looks like there may have been some truth to it.  Keep learning and growing, kiddo!) We are biking everywhere so it is really hard work, but I am getting in really good shape.

Well, the lady I told you about is kind of pulling away.  She is getting tired of visits and just wants to be baptized, but we have to help her understand that just burying your sins in the past is not true repentance. We will get there.

We met an amazing family this week who all seem very open to teaching.  If we baptize the husband, the wife says she and their 3 kids will follow.  We would baptize a whole family. Please be praying for them.

Unfortunately, I haven't received my box yet. When will it get here?  I want to take pictures so badly. We played basketball today and I felt like I did in 11th grade!  I am really feeling the benefits of hard work in the mission field.

I love you so much, every day, every week, every month.  I miss you guys.

Elder Seanshine Keddington  

Short, sweet and to the point. (or several points)  ;)   We'll be praying hard for his investigators.  Baptism is not always an easy choice.  There are so many precious covenants that we make in our eternal progression, even in Baptism.  We need to be prepared to accept and keep our covenants.  I'm  sure these Elders are learning patience.  ;)

We are trying to locate his box.  Julee's sweet friend (bless her!) tried to deliver it to the mission home a couple of times, but never caught anyone there.  She took it to the Temple office and left it with the sister in the Temple office who said she would get it to the mission home.  I was able to get to him before he got offline, so he can do some searching.  I'm dying for him to get the camera.  I want pictures!  I grabbed a couple of pictures off the mission page of him playing basketball earlier today.  Isn't technology great!!


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