Monday, November 16, 2015

Week ten!

At Sister Hill's Memorial Service

Oh, how I love to see pictures of my boy - even if he is being a goof ball!!  This one showed up on the Elders in Ghana FB page and I almost passed it by without recognizing it was him.

Hi Mom! 
Things are awesome out here and I'm healthy. This past week we didn't do a lot of teaching because Elder Barfuss lived up to his name and was sick. He's better now. 
For my birthday the elders gave me journals and supplies and Chex Mix, which was awesome. MY PACKAGE CAME ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!! It was fantastic. We went to the soccer field and played football and then baseball. Then that evening we got fried rice and chicken. It was an awesome birthday.
By the way, I think it would be great if I could go to Accra to get a smart camera. I will keep u posted on that. For now, Elder Lords is the photographer.
I love U guys sooo much. I'll keep praying for Dad to come out here in 2 years. This place was made for him.

LOVE YOU ALL, Elder Keddington

For the love - this kid!  Poor Elder Barfuss!  Also, I imagine that he is, in fact, doing missionary work.  I think I need to remind him that we would like to hear about this work, you know, since that is why he is in Ghana and all.  Oh well, he will always be Sean.  You gotta love him - right?!  We do!  And I'm so glad he had a great birthday!  On to another great week!  

Hanging out at the waterfall

"Hey guys - look!  A camera!  Guys?!"  Haha!

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