Monday, November 23, 2015

Transfers are coming!

At the Accra Temple after Sister Hill's memorial.  Reunited with Elder Bedell. (also with Elder Lords)
So - I asked him if he will give us a little more detail about the missionary work that he is doing out there.  Here is the "Sean version" of more information...

Hi Mom, Happy Birthday Dad!!

So the work is going good.  Elder Barfuss is an awesome trainer. I have another baptism this Sunday for a man in his 60's named Kojo. Transfers are coming up and Elder Lords is going to Liberia, so we are doing something fun this week. I've spent 2 months with these guys!

This Thursday we are going to the couple missionaries' home for a Thanksgiving potluck. I'm doing good with the food. I kind of eat the same stuff everyday. Lots of ramen.  The members don't have us over because they usually only have enough for just their families.
Besides that, not much else going on. I wish I could tell u more but its actually very slow out here. So I'll keep it updated best as I can.
I Love u all soo much and I'll write you next week.

Well - a little more info.  Kind of like the Cliff's Notes version.  It sounds like the "slow work" is at least fruitful work.  It's going to be very strange to have Thanksgiving this week without him.  I hope (and imagine) that he will hold up just fine.  He seems to really like having these new experiences.  I'm really going to miss the "photographer", Elder Lords, when he goes to Liberia.  Hopefully Elder K will be able to find a wifi camera next time he goes down to Accra.  
So much to be thankful for every year, but this year my heart is ready to burst with gratitude!  Love this guy! 

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