Monday, April 3, 2017

Two Weeks of Work

I keep waiting for this boy to send pictures!  That's why we have two weeks in one post.  The pictures never came.  You can bet that Connor is getting the "send pictures with every email" lecture quite often! Haha!  

Dear Mom, 
What a crazy week! We started off traveling back to Kasoa on Tuesday to a multi-zone conference. It was very nice.  Next, we had an exchange on Thursday with another missionary in the district. Then on Saturday we had our temple trip. Getting there and getting back was miserable, but the misery was overshadowed by the reactions of our recent converts. A lot of them brought family names, so they were able to do their family history work. It was incredible.

So excited to play Archery Tag when I get home. It looks like so much fun!

Elder Burt will send Pics. I love you guys!

Elder Keddington

Seriously - a man of very few words.  As I mentioned, those pictures never came.  I miss my boy!

And this is what we heard from him today:

Dear Mom, 
We had another awesome week!  We got to watch conference yesterday.  It was amazing. We watched Saturday Afternoon, Priesthood, and Sunday Morning sessions live.  I saw Julee and Charles! I saw Julee a bunch of times, I only saw Charles a couple of times. It was a very nice Sunday. Bless the Prophet! 
We went on an exchange with Elder Wiscombe, who is Burt and my TC. We were a threesome for a day. It was a ton of fun.  We are teaching a couple of really interested investigators right now named Emmanuel, and Jacob. We are excited for them.

I love you guys so much! Is it April already? We are having transfer news this Saturday so we will see what happens

Elder Seanshine Keddington
And there you have it.  Two weeks of work in the great Ghana Accra West Mission!  August is coming and we are getting excited to see and kiss that face! (if I can remember what it looks like!) Ha!!

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